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Take on the local challenge and try to find the city's secret exit within 2 hours. A Escape Tour is a unique way to discover a city with friends or family. Using our app, you wander through the city looking for hints.

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More reviews
Suzan About Escape Tour Amersfoort:
"Fun way to explore the city!"
Sanne About Escape Tour Eindhoven:
"Very fun activity where you see some of the city, are challenged with assignments that are doable and you can catch up while chatting. "
Johannes About Escape Tour Harderwijk (Group):
"A super fun way to discover your own city in a different way. "
Herma About Escape Tour Deventer:
"We had some start-up problems but in the end we really liked it. You see a city in a whole different way anyway"
Richard About Escape Tour Deventer:
"It wasn't really a difficult route but a fun route with lots of sights. "
Marisca About Escape Tour Alkmaar:
"Fun escape tour to get to know the city of Alkmaar better. Nice eateries along the way, so unfortunately couldn't put down a top time. "
margret About Escape Tour Middelburg:
"Fun escape tour done with 4 girlfriends through Middelburg. Unfortunately we didn't make it within the time, so couldn't escape! "
Lonne About Escape Tour Haarlem:
"I thought it was a super experience. very nice to get to know a new city this way."
Léonie About Escape Tour Leeuwarden:
"What a fun escape it was again and we even escaped within 2 hours! I always enjoy the game again!"
Bert About Escape Tour Zutphen:
"Challenging interactive way to explore a city, visiting fun places. A memorable outing"
Lisanne About Escape Tour Breda:
"Super fun activity in Breda! Bit of culture sniffing, bit of excitement and bit of activity. Nice to get to know a city in such a way."
Cees About Escape Tour Texel:
"Fun escape. Starting was tricky but once we got going it was a lot of fun."
Corry About Escape Tour Apeldoorn:
"It was fun, but could have been a little shorter from us. "
Corine About Escape Tour Leiden:
"Always a fun way to explore a city! "
Kady About Escape Tour The Hague:
"Was fun, shame there were no surprising bits of The Hague in between. Could have taken out a lot more but was fun. "
Claudia About Escape Tour Utrecht:
"A really fun way to explore a city. You can compete with other teams. Fun assignments and you really need the time too, highly recommended!"
Karlin About Escape Tour Nijmegen:
"Very nice puzzles, not too difficult "
L About Escape Tour Doesburg:
"Top. Keep it up. Add more cities. Gladly. Thanks."
Melia About Escape Tour Leiden:
"It was a very pleasant afternoon. Very nice to see 'our' city with different eyes."
petty About Escape Tour Middelburg:
"Fun afternoon had"