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Escape Tours around the world

Take on the local challenge and try to find the city's secret exit within 2 hours. A Escape Tour is a unique way to discover a city with friends or family. Using our app, you wander through the city looking for hints.

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Lindsay About Escape Tour Eindhoven:
"It was a fun trip. We're from Eindhoven ourselves. But now you dwell on the peculiarities that you walk past so much every day."
Clarisse About Escape Tour Deventer:
"Very fun to do. You look at a city differently anyway! "
Lindsey About Escape Tour Cardiff (English):
"Great idea and very fun. Easy to navigate. Would love to do more"
Ingvar About Escape Tour Amersfoort:
"Nice escape done in Amersfoort, assignments were good to do and a fun way to explore the city"
Evy About Escape Tour Arnhem:
"Fun way to explore the city with kids"
Veronique About Escape Tour Verona:
"This was our umpteenth escape tour and this one was excellent again! Like all of them so far!"
Marieke About Escape Tour Deventer:
"Through this tour very nice places and streets in Deventer seen!"
Peter About Escape Tour Rotterdam:
"For the Geochachers among us, this is cut cake."
Nienke About Escape Tour Antwerp:
"Very nice tour, good instructions and not too difficult. Sits well together. We saw really nice bits of the city despite knowing the city well. "
Eric About Escape Tour Leiden:
"Walk through downtown Leiden in a fun and educational way full of surprising buildings, alleys, squares, parks and, of course, facts. "
Amber About Escape Tour Zurich:
"Super fun escapetour."
Helen About Escape Tour Apeldoorn:
"Fun tour, we had a great time!"
Ellen About Escape Tour Middelburg:
"Middelburg is a very nice city to play this tour. "
Sander About Escape Tour Utrecht:
"Super fun activity to do with friends, colleagues or your partner!"
Ankie About Escape Tour Trier:
"Fun way to explore a city "
Suzanne About Escape Tour Den Bosch:
"What a super fun escape under the theme of carnival. Getting to know Den Bosch a little better with fun assignments and interesting questions. Recommended"
Kirsha About Escape Tour Elburg:
"A very fun way to discover a city."
Jikke About Escape Tour Arnhem:
"Super fun to do together"
M About Escape Tour Zaltbommel:
"It was an exciting, fun, educational tour that takes you to fun places of a city. Definitely worth repeating in another city!"
Lashime About Escape Tour Maastricht:
"Very nice experience. Will definitely do again in another city. "

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3x found the exit within 1.5 hours

Walked 25 km during Escape Tours

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10 Escape Tours played in the Netherlands

15 Escape Tours played in the Netherlands