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Take on the local challenge and try to find the city's secret exit within 2 hours. A Escape Tour is a unique way to discover a city with friends or family. Using our app, you wander through the city looking for hints.

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Kirsteen about Escape Tour Delft (English):
"Really nice activity and a nice story. We liked that we got a lesson about Delft as we went and saw the city in a different way. Thank you. "
Nagehan about Escape Tour Rotterdam:
"We had a top escape tour in Rotterdam! Highly recommended!"
Susan about Escape Tour Gouda (English):
"Great way to explore Gouda. Good fun too"
Lennard on Escape Tour Milan:
"Discovered the city in a fun and original way "
Natalie on Escape Tour The Hague:
"Fun day in DH"
Sven on Escape Tour Haarlem:
"It was fun!"
Kelly about Escape Tour Utrecht:
"Super fun to get to know a city differently each time this way. "
Eveline on Escape Tour Volendam:
"Super fun tour"
Lisette about Escape Tour Leiden:
"We thought it was a fun way to discover a city unknown to us."
Mrs. about Escape Tour The Hague:
"Great group activity, even in your home town!"
Christel about Escape Tour Utrecht:
"Nice facts and figures learned about a city I already knew a bit. Nice walking outside and fun assignments! Highly recommended!"
Wendy about Escape Tour Naarden:
"Super fun! I say do it!!! "
Ellen about Escape Tour Arnhem:
"Very fun activity to explore the city. "
Manon about Escape Tour Volendam:
"Nice to take a walk through the city with a purpose as well as explore all the tourist and lesser known spots of the city this way!"
Cy-Jay on Escape Tour Ghent:
"Fun way to explore the city a little playfully."
Babette about Escape Tour Gouda:
"Fun experience! Very enjoyable to do in a group. The route is very nice and well thought out with a good story and fun assignments. "
Romy about Escape Tour Haarlem:
"fun way to get to know the city "
Robin about Escape Tour Middelburg:
"Great way to explore Middelburg"
Arjan about Escape Tour Delft:
"Very fun activity to get to know a city in a different way!"
Michelle about Escape Tour Haarlem:
"Did another super fun tour! Again saw places and streets you would never visit otherwise."