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Escape Tour Salzburg

Start location: Kurgarten

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Salzburg is Mozart's city, where he was praised for his musicality from an early age. During his adolescence, he not only played the violin but also earned a little extra as a piano teacher. However, stories circulated that he did this mainly for the girls he taught... He also taught the daughter of the richest man in Salzburg, Mr. Doppler. Until his father catches Mozart and his daughter... Mr. Doppler is furious and Mozart flees the house.

Escape Tour Salzburg
Escape Tour Salzburg
Escape Tour Salzburg
Escape Tour Salzburg
Escape Tour Salzburg
Escape Tour Salzburg

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Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Michael About Salzburg:
"Fun tour of Salzburg!"
Aniek About Salzburg:
"We had a great afternoon and explored the city in a fun way! Highly recommended! :)"
Freddy About Salzburg:
"Seen Salzburg in a fun way. Also fun for the kids to do."
Sybrechtje About Salzburg:
"Super nice walking tour of Salzburg, you see the most beautiful places in the stac!"
Audrey About Salzburg:
"Fun escape, but to avoid disappointment, start early in the afternoon otherwise you won't be able to finish the escape!!! "
Marre About Salzburg:
"escape tours is a fun activity to get to know a city!"
Marco About Salzburg:
"Top, this is the third route we have walked"
Roland About Salzburg:
"Salzburg now you see again in a different way. Very cozy and also during this corona time well within 2 hours."

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