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Escape Tour Sneek

Start location: Three-way Lemmerweg and Watertower Park

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With the informative Escape Tour Sneek you dive into the life of Moeke Jikke, the "Queen of Sneek. This striking Frisian was born in 1906 and ran the Stadsherberg from 1930. During the Second World War, Jikke and her hotel played a major role in the resistance.

Escape Tour Sneek
Escape Tour Sneek
Escape Tour Sneek
Escape Tour Sneek
Escape Tour Sneek
Escape Tour Sneek

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Margriet About Sneek:
"Fun way to explore city. Top arranged, we will definitely do this in other cities as well. "
Jose About Sneek:
"Very nice tour, highly recommended! "
Maria About Sneek:
"Unfortunately, we found this to be the least enjoyable tour we did. "
George About Sneek:
"Fun way to explore the city! Sits well together and is very clear in terms of installation and use!!! Highly recommended!!!"
A. About Sneek:
"Nice tour, nice discovery of Sneek. Was expecting a bit more history of Sneek but it really just revolves around the theme of the assignment."
Tanja About Sneek:
"Instructive and beautiful walk, great fun!"
Ruben About Sneek:
"Fun to do."
Bianca About Sneek:
"Fun to do, learns to see/know a place in a different way "
Baukje About Sneek:
"Very fun to do! Also nice that you are not tied to times, and the game is made fun :)"
Janna About Sneek:
"Really nice to see and learn about our own city like this."
Anne About Sneek:
"Fun escapetour had!"
Els About Sneek:
"Nice to walk through a city in this way. Do keep in mind the distance, and that you have to walk back to the car."
Miriam About Sneek:
"Very nice to see the city. Also learned something! "
Mia About Sneek:
"Incredibly fun to explore a city this way"