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Escape Tour Den Bosch

Start location: Pedestrian exit, St John's car park

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Den Bosch, during carnival also known as Oeteldonk, is a city that is turned upside down during the annual carnival. The Council of Ministers plays an important role in this: in addition to their many responsibilities, they are given certain privileges. For example, every minister gets to know the secret exit of Den Bosch. With the Escape Tour Den Bosch you will search for this exit.

Escape Tour Den Bosch
Escape Tour Den Bosch
Escape Tour Den Bosch
Escape Tour Den Bosch

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Peter About Den Bosch:
"Very fun activity but 2 hours is short Pause button to get something to eat/drink is also welcome "
Cora About Den Bosch:
"Even though we didn't like or find everything we did, we still had a great time. We have been to places we would never otherwise go."
Johan About Den Bosch:
"Cool quest, in a wonderful Den Bosch. Fine and achievable assignments."
Gaby About Den Bosch:
"Super fun active way to explore the city of Den Bosch even more."
Maud About Den Bosch:
"Always fun to wander and explore a city this way. "
Gaya About Den Bosch:
"Very nice! Good to do, but not too easy. Diversity in assignments. Nice to visit a city this way."
Irene About Den Bosch:
"Super fun tour had through the city. Even my adolescents were very excited to go through the city this way."
A.A. About Den Bosch:
"A super fun experience, was our first time but definitely not the last! On to the next Escape tour in another city!"
Marianne About Den Bosch:
"Den Bosch is a super fun city to discover through Escapetours, with a cozy terrace afterwards."
Ise About Den Bosch:
"Nice way to see something of a city."
Jolande About Den Bosch:
"Super fun way to explore the city"
Justin About Den Bosch:
"It was a really fun way to get to know the city and get to different places! "
Esther About Den Bosch:
"We thoroughly enjoyed this fun activity."
Karin About Den Bosch:
"It was fun to do but it could be worked out a little better. "
Ferdy About Den Bosch:
"Cool activity in a beautiful city. We will book another tour in another city soon. "
Kim About Den Bosch:
"Super fun to explore a city all questions answered."
Natalie About Den Bosch:
"Super fun! Nice walk through Den Bosch, past the highlights and quiet alleys. "
Lysette About Den Bosch:
"Very nice to get to know a city this way. "
Kristel About Den Bosch:
"Nice outing, something different again. This way you see some of the city and take some steps!"
Peter About Den Bosch:
"Super fun way to explore a city!"