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Escape Tour Zagreb

Starting location: Hrvatske Željeznice

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Josip Jelačić walks through a park in Zagreb. Finally some peace and quiet! The past few years have been quite intense. The Croats are happy with him as governor, but the many wars with Hungary have also created enemies. Josip no longer feels safe anywhere and thinks he sees spies everywhere. He has even had tunnels built under his house so he can easily escape.

Escape Tour Zagreb
Escape Tour Zagreb
Escape Tour Zagreb
Escape Tour Zagreb
Escape Tour Zagreb
Escape Tour Zagreb

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Grégory About Zagreb:
"Top activity."
Shelley About Zagreb:
"Nice assignments. Family with two children. Child of 13 could easily follow the map and participate in the assignments."
Folkert About Zagreb:
"Nice tour of the city of Zagreb. Questions are easy to do and not very difficult"
Miriam About Zagreb:
"Getting to know more about the history of the city in a very fun way and discovering the most beautiful places."
Eef About Zagreb:
"Very fun game to play, explored the city in an easy but mostly fun way, definitely recommended!!!! "