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Escape Tour Deventer

Starting point: the Wilhelmina Fountain

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Deventer was a prosperous Hanseatic city in the 16th century, and the Penninck family benefited greatly from this. They belonged to the upper stratum of society which brought many advantages. Daughter Magteld wanted to finally benefit from this as well. With the Escape Tour Deventer you follow in Magteld's footsteps and do your utmost to help her husband Jannes.

Escape Tour Deventer
Escape Tour Deventer
Escape Tour Deventer
Escape Tour Deventer

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Birgit About Deventer:
"Was a fun afternoon. Because of the game you look at a city in a different way and you come to nice places. "
kimm About Deventer:
"We really enjoyed it and really recommend it! "
Kathalijne About Deventer:
"We had a very nice escape tour through Deventer. Clear assignments and saw many beautiful buildings in the meantime!"
Herma About Deventer:
"We had some start-up problems but in the end we really liked it. You see a city in a whole different way anyway"
Richard About Deventer:
"It wasn't really a difficult route but a fun route with lots of sights. "
Joost About Deventer:
"The Deventer escape tour was fun, but a little shorter than we were used to. Nice to see a familiar city in a different way."
Margit About Deventer:
"Walked a very nice escapetour in Deventer. Questions that were great to answer, a fun city tour was made out of it, thanks!"
Anita About Deventer:
"It was a fun escapade tour, saw Deventer in a different way. Fun to do with the family."
Stan About Deventer:
"Nicely made."
Gert-Jan About Deventer:
"Super fun to do. "
Debbie About Deventer:
"Nice to discover Deventer this way. Sometimes we wanted to go too fast, look around carefully!"
Miriam About Deventer:
"Really fun to discover the city in a different way. For if you are not familiar, but also really fun if you are familiar in the city. "
Ilse About Deventer:
"Very nice to see the city in a different way!"
Heleen About Deventer:
"Nice concept, nice that the questions are close together and not too difficult. It has to remain fun such a walk! "
Angela About Deventer:
"Really a super fun outing. You see a city in a completely different way. Because of the story and the questions accessible to everyone."
Laurens About Deventer:
"Deventer is a wonderful city to do an escape tour. The route is not too long and you see a lot."
Monique About Deventer:
"Absolutely recommended, will definitely do it again but in a foreign city am curious to see what that is like."
Martine About Deventer:
"Was fun! Assignments are challenging but doable."
John About Deventer:
"Fun way to discover a city. "
Guusje About Deventer:
"We did a wonderful escapetour of beautiful Deventer with our family," said Mr. K.

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