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Escape Tour Dordrecht

Start location: Groothoofdspoort

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Welcome to the Dordrecht of 1672! Johan and Cornelis, also known as the De Witt brothers, are on their way to the café on the Groothoofdkade. But things are not going very well. Cornelis is very tense and his brother is struggling to move forward. Johan is still suffering from the wounds he received earlier this year during an attempt on his life. And just now the brothers narrowly survived another attack....

Escape Tour Dordrecht
Escape Tour Dordrecht
Escape Tour Dordrecht
Escape Tour Dordrecht
Escape Tour Dordrecht
Escape Tour Dordrecht

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Carlyn About Dordrecht:
"It was really a lot of fun! I recommend it to everyone :) "
S.D. About Dordrecht:
"nice escape tour and fun way to explore the city. sometimes did spend a lot of time on difficult questions/assignments."
Kees About Dordrecht:
"Fun activity for the family. Bring food and drinks for along the way."
Richard About Dordrecht:
"Very fun to do "
Peggy About Dordrecht:
"Fun exciting way to explore a staff."
Wendy About Dordrecht:
"Dordrecht is a nice city with a question at short distances all the time. Very nicely done"
Lucy About Dordrecht:
"Hey fun to do and get to know a city."
Hans About Dordrecht:
"Fun tour of beautiful Dordrecht - some tough questions though."
Desiree About Dordrecht:
"Very fun! You do fun assignments and see a lot of the city. You are much more aware of places, buildings and objects of a city while being active."
Peter About Dordrecht:
"We enjoyed again"
Christa About Dordrecht:
"Very nice although sometimes it was quite difficult so with 2"
Erik About Dordrecht:
"Hearty interactive way to explore the city"
Anne About Dordrecht:
"As always, another fun tour, although we found the first questions quite difficult or impossible to find. But the setup is fun, is well put together!"
Sonja About Dordrecht:
"Fun home town activity, nice and active and with a little rivalry!"
Jolanda About Dordrecht:
"Super fun activity in anorqike city. You get into streets/places you don't normally go to. "
Matt About Dordrecht:
"The escape tour Dordrecht was a success! This tour is a bit trickier than the other cities we have done. But again very fun!"
Hugo About Dordrecht:
"Very fun way to break up way to discover the city and get a piece of history right along with it."
Dianne About Dordrecht:
"Super fun to discover the city this way"
Arina About Dordrecht:
"Very nice to see the city this way! Nice assignments"
Marieke About Dordrecht:
"Fun activity to discover the sights of Dordrecht. "