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Escape Tour Zwolle

Starting location: the Peperbus

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For years Zwolle has looked like that peace-loving Hanseatic city on the IJssel River, but here nothing is what it seems. Zwolle also has notorious criminals and murderers who have a lot of influence on the city. So did Albert Wetterman, leader of Zwolle's 19th century underworld. There were several stories circulating about Albert at the time. With the Escape Tour Zwolle you will learn all about this!

Escape Tour Zwolle
Escape Tour Zwolle
Escape Tour Zwolle
Escape Tour Zwolle
Escape Tour Zwolle
Escape Tour Zwolle

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Jolanda About Zwolle:
"Very fun activity to learn about a city."
Anneke About Zwolle:
"Super fun to do. Especially nice to get to know a city in a different way. "
Fannie About Zwolle:
"Super fun way to explore the city "
Sandra About Zwolle:
"If you want to get to know a (foreign) city better this is a really fun way. Played twice now and really enjoyed it twice. "
Lotte About Zwolle:
"A fun way to discover a city. Working together is paramount, fun fill-in for a day out with family or household."
Hanna About Zwolle:
"It was a lot of fun."
Lekkerkerk About Zwolle:
"Top afternoon had, learned a lot and so active. Well made "
Linda About Zwolle:
"Fun way to discover the city of Zwolle! You can start whenever you want. Next time we will discover another city!"
Jorien About Zwolle:
"Fun trip!"
Janita About Zwolle:
"Very fun tour, more difficult than the ones we've done so far, which also made it a fun challenge!"
A About Zwolle:
"What an incredibly fun escape tour saw Zwolle in a completely different way and what fun it was unfortunately did not make it but that did not spoil the fun "
A About Zwolle:
"Super fun escape tour done through Zwolle and the cool thing was that you get to see places you don't even know exist yourself."
Jako About Zwolle:
"Nice tour and nice city A little far to walk for small children though "
Sandra About Zwolle:
"Nice to see Zwolle this way."
Jose About Zwolle:
"We saw Zwolle in a completely different way. Very nice way to discover a city! "
Daniel About Zwolle:
"We had a great time and it was an educational yet challenging tour. Definitely worth repeating in another city!"
Petra About Zwolle:
"Very fun to see and experience your city in a different way. . Assignments are clearly described and easy to follow."
Ellen About Zwolle:
"Very nice hike! Only it was a shame the that red door we had to go through at the end was locked."
Anke About Zwolle:
"Clear route, good directions and assignments. Texts as comments were fun! Really fun to do!"
Nytha About Zwolle:
"Super fun tour of Zwolle. You get to the most beautiful places where you have never been before and yet close to the city. Highly recommended!!!"

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