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Escape Tour Arnhem

Starting location: the Korenmarkt

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In the 16th century, army captain Maarten van Rossum seized power in Arnhem. Herman Radelaar was his right-hand man, magician, drug dealer and supporter. Yet Herman was out of line, forcing him to flee from Maarten's men. He went in search of the secret exit. With the Escape Tour Arnhem you will follow in Herman's footsteps and do everything to find this exit.

Escape Tour Arnhem
Escape Tour Arnhem
Escape Tour Arnhem
Escape Tour Arnhem

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Gerrie About Arnhem:
"Super fun activity, clear instructions"
Anke About Arnhem:
"Super fun tour, too bad the end point was taken away due to works so the last task could not be found. "
Ingrid About Arnhem:
"Really nice city to walk through like this. Cool tour, fun questions and good puzzles. "
Ebrineke About Arnhem:
"Very nice escape tour! Nice route, fun facts, great to do with kids. "
Astrid About Arnhem:
"Exploring a city in a different way through the Escpe City tours! Very fun to do."
Wieke About Arnhem:
"Nice activity to see Arnhem better. Beautiful city despite the drizzly weather."
Madelon About Arnhem:
"Super fun, a nice way to walk through the city. You get to places you wouldn't have gone otherwise"
Marjolein About Arnhem:
"Super fun way to walk through a city. We enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. "
Gemma About Arnhem:
"Fun! Just be careful that you don't accidentally start the time already while you're not there yet."
Lisa About Arnhem:
"Super fun tour, great story and you pass by fun places! "
Ellen About Arnhem:
"Very nice activity. Got to places in the beautiful city of Arnhem we hadn't been before. Very nice I did together with our children!"
Quintina About Arnhem:
"Fun activity, but very unfortunate that we could not use a helpline. As a result, we couldn't continue and didn't find the end point."
Patricia About Arnhem:
"Fun tour, easy to do but definitely not too easy. Saw a lot of nice things you wouldn't pay attention to otherwise. On to the next one.... Krakow"
Brenda About Arnhem:
"Nice walk through old Arnhem. "
Henk About Arnhem:
"Fun activity, with very nice assignments"
Judith About Arnhem:
"Fun outing to run through Arnhem and solve all the puzzles as fast as possible."
Lara About Arnhem:
"We had a great afternoon in Arnhem with this game. Playing this game we saw places in Arnhem we wouldn't visit otherwise. "
p About Arnhem:
"Fun way to explore the city"
Amy About Arnhem:
"Fun activity to see a city in a different way than you are used to "
Romy About Arnhem:
"It was a really fun way to go around town "

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