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Escape Tour Tilburg

Start location: Noordstraat 125

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In 1899, pastor Heuvelman of St. Joseph's Church in Tilburg found a good way to earn some extra money. When citizens came to him for confession he asked for hush money to keep their secrets, a lot of hush money! With Escape Tour Tilburg you will try to help the priest and you will visit the nicest and unknown places of Tilburg!

Escape Tour Tilburg
Escape Tour Tilburg
Escape Tour Tilburg
Escape Tour Tilburg

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Fred About Tilburg:
"A great concept and an excellent opportunity to get to see more of a city. Very fun group activity. GPS does have to cooperate with that. "
Anita About Tilburg:
"This tour contains a lot of fun puzzles and questions, you see the whole city but it doesn't feel like you're walking much because of the many questions/tasks."
Joel About Tilburg:
"Was again very fun to do. This way you discover the city in a playful way. "
g. About Tilburg:
"kei good not too difficult,nice and smooth to do"
Cora About Tilburg:
"Had another very fun escapetour through cozy Tilburg on 11/11, so the city was nice and busy. "
Leonie About Tilburg:
"Escape tour Tilburg done. Already somewhat familiar in the city , but still discovered many new things. Super fun again to do!"
Dorothé About Tilburg:
"Very fun way to explore the city with riddles and assignments."
Thea About Tilburg:
"We looked at the city in a different way than usual and discovered many great things."
Ellen About Tilburg:
"Escapetour Tilburg is a fun puzzle tour that takes you to beautiful hidden spots of Tilburg. "
Erna About Tilburg:
"Highly recommended to learn about your own city or another city, always fun to do!!!"
Leen About Tilburg:
"Very fun activity! We didn't know it was going to be fair in Tilburg, but this wasn't really that bothersome outside of a lot of crowds! App works very well!"
Diana About Tilburg:
"The nice thing is that there is a lot of interaction during the tour. Nice tour"
P. About Tilburg:
"nice walk"
Brenda About Tilburg:
"In itself a nice thought, but not doable in the dark months."
Dymph About Tilburg:
"Great escapetour Very nice. You get to see a lot of beautiful houses,streets Very clear explanations! Super fun it was! We enjoyed it very much! "
Amber About Tilburg:
"Was another fun trip with fun assignments! "
Manon About Tilburg:
"It was a very fun experience! Highly recommended to do with a small group."
Julie About Tilburg:
"Very fun activity to learn about a city."
Karlin About Tilburg:
"Super fun activity to get to know the center a little better and look at it differently "
Laura About Tilburg:
"Loads of fun, a nice way to see the city in a different way."