Last played Escape Tour was in Amersfoort (Family)

Escape Tour Amersfoort

Start location: Parking place 'Achter Davidshof

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During the Escape Tour Amersfoort you will go back in time to the 17th century and get to know the army captain Ernesto Montecuccoli very well. Ernesto has his reasons to find the secret exit of Amersfoort and you are going to help him!

Escape Tour Amersfoort
Escape Tour Amersfoort
Escape Tour Amersfoort
Escape Tour Amersfoort
Escape Tour Amersfoort
Escape Tour Amersfoort

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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debby About Amersfoort:
"It's a really fun way to get to know a city better "
Carin About Amersfoort:
"This was our second escape, had a lot of fun. Less difficult as Nijmegen. Despite the rain enjoyed it very much. How beautiful Amersfoort is!"
Matty About Amersfoort:
"Fun activity, highly recommended!"
Josee About Amersfoort:
"Very nice escapetour in Amersfoort. We were guided through the beautiful old center. The assignments of the escape tour were not too difficult. "
Nicole About Amersfoort:
"Fun escapetour in the beautiful city of Amersfoort. Level of questions was fun with the kids, but very easy for a group of adults."
Eskjill About Amersfoort:
"Super fun with the family! "
Sander About Amersfoort:
"A fun puzzle tour and a great way to get to know Amersfoort. "
Niek About Amersfoort:
"Otherwise excellent tour! Nice route, nice city, nice puzzles"
Winnie About Amersfoort:
"Fun girlfriends outing where you get to be active, learn new things about the city, and chat in the meantime! "
Mary About Amersfoort:
"The escape Tour was super and fun to do. We got to know Amersfoort better. "
Diana About Amersfoort:
"Had an incredibly fun afternoon and good view of the city in a competitive and interactive way."
Anco About Amersfoort:
"Was super fun"
Eric About Amersfoort:
"Nice set up! Nice route through the city. Only the level of the questions is too low for 12+"
Hanneke About Amersfoort:
"Very fun and educational outing, my grandsons now know a little more about their city of Amersfoort "
Inge About Amersfoort:
"Super fun to do and fun to get to know the city in a different way!"
Martinus About Amersfoort:
"Very fun activity, doable within the time, nice way to get acquainted with a city."
G About Amersfoort:
"Very nice and worth repeating."
Edward About Amersfoort:
"Cool tour!"
Daan About Amersfoort:
"We thought it was a very fun activity, especially a very fun way to find all the hidden spots in the city this way."
Wilbert About Amersfoort:
"The escapetour of Amersfoort is a delightful puzzle, lets you see the city in a different way. Enjoyed it!"