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Escape Tour Lisbon

Start Location: Fonte Norte do Rossio

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The Escape Tour Lisbon will take you back to the year 1974. During the Portuguese Carnation Revolution, Amália Rodigues was known as the most beloved fado singer. In Lisbon, she experienced success upon success and her songs were heard everywhere. But before the singer knew it, her popularity plummeted just after the revolution....

Escape Tour Lisbon
Escape Tour Lisbon
Escape Tour Lisbon
Escape Tour Lisbon
Escape Tour Lisbon
Escape Tour Lisbon

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Joelle About Lisbon:
"It's a fun game to learn about the city. Unfortunately not all the monuments were reachable, but still managed to guess the code word!"
Gwendy About Lisbon:
"Fun tour, you get to places you wouldn't get to otherwise. Our 8-year-old son really enjoyed it too. We will definitely do this again in another city."
Abigail About Lisbon:
"A fun escape tour to discover a small part of Lisbon in a playful way. You weather right afterwards where to eat and drink. "
Lieke About Lisbon:
"Very easy but fun way to see city."
Brigitte About Lisbon:
"Super fun to discover fun things in a city this way "
Karin About Lisbon:
"Very fun to do despite occasional glitches with the app."
Edwin About Lisbon:
"Fun cozy way to discover a new city"
Timo About Lisbon:
"Very cool escapetour, only there were a few assignments that could not be found again"
Danielle About Lisbon:
"Definitely recommended. In Haarlem I was enormously excited. At the one in lisbon much less."