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    Practical information
  • Can I open the game from another location?

    You can, only the time starts running immediately after you read the intro and enter your team name. Therefore, it is very important that you start Escape Tour only at the start location indicated in the email.

    game other location other starting point
  • Do I have to start at the indicated start location?

    Yes indeed. The game starts at a central spot in the city. This spot is determined so that the game can be played perfectly. As soon as you actually start the game, time starts running. If you start at a different location, you may spend more time walking to different tasks, resulting in not finishing within 2 hours.

    Start location Mandatory start start location Start point Start point start location start point
  • Should I already log in at home for the Escape Tour?

    No, you don't log in until you are on location and actually play the Escape Tour .

    when login when start
  • Can I play the game at any time of day?

    Yes, you can decide what time you want to play the game. You play the game on your own smartphone and there is no attendant present. By following all the instructions you receive by mail you can start the game whenever you want. However, some places may be less accessible late at night or missions may not be clearly visible. Therefore, we recommend playing Escape Tour during the day or early evening.

    when can i play when start time start time evening
  • Is this game also suitable for exploring the city?

    Yes indeed! The game is always played in the (old) center of a city. We try to let you (re)discover the city in an interactive way and show you the best spots. Of course the fun is above all.

    discover experiencing viewing recording exploring
  • Is the Escape Tour suitable for all ages?

    The Escape Tour is made for adults and children ages 12 and up. This means that the riddles and questions are soon too difficult for small children. In addition, the storyline is based on the city's history and the text is written for adult humor. Still, some children already really enjoy the occasional solution or navigation with the smartphone (the game generation), for them it might be fun to go along. Nevertheless, our experience shows that it is not always fun for them either. For the younger kids, we made 3 family versions of Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Zwolle.

    how many years do you have to be for Escape Tours how old minimun age what age
  • Is the Escape Tour wheelchair friendly?

    Yes you can, provided there are also people in your team who are not dependent on a wheelchair. You determine your own route with your team and of course these are passable with the wheelchair. Sometimes you may have to make a slight detour, for example because a staircase is used.

    suitable for wheelchairs wheelchair friendly wheelchair accessible possible with wheelchair
  • Can I do the Escape Tour if I have poor mobility or reduced fitness?

    Met een Escape Tour loop je zo'n 2 uur op een flink tempo door de stad. Dat houdt in dat je al gauw 4 a 5 kilometer loopt. Als je slecht ter been bent, kan je de game misschien niet optimaal spelen.

    disability handicap friendly possible with disability disabled
  • Can you play the Escape Tour on weekends, holidays or evenings?

    Yes, a Escape Tour can be played at any time of the day. You are not dependent on opening hours. However, some places may be less accessible late at night. Therefore, we recommend starting the game during the day or in the early evening.

    holidays holiday Saturday Sunday weekends
  • Can I play the Escape Tour when there are all kinds of festivities or events downtown?

    Of course, this varies from city to city and depends on the size of an event. If it is a weekly market in a square, then you can play the Escape Tour without any problems. For example, if it is King's Day or there are festivities throughout the city center where almost every square is occupied, then we recommend doing the Escape Tour at a different time. So always check before playing if there is an event in town!

    party celebrations bazaar party celebration special occasion party celebration party activity event
  • We are already well known in the city, so is a Escape Tour any fun?

    Yay! We went in search of the nicest, more unknown spots in the city. Besides, you get a different view of the city during a Escape Tour . After all, you always come across something new and fun.

    know otherwise route
  • What kind of questions and assignments can I expect?

    With the help of our app, you navigate through the city centre. The assignments along the way vary enormously. Think of search assignments, knowledge questions, photo assignments and/or calculation questions. Something for everyone!

    missions tasks types of questions task assignment
  • Are the tasks in the different cities similar?

    Each city has its own storyline, assignments and questions. The concept remains the same, but the content differs from city to city. This also makes it fun to play a Escape Tour for a second time, but in a different city.

    places same different different similar reused
  • Can Escape Tour also be played with 2 people?

    Yes, it is also great fun for two! All tasks and questions can be completed by just the two of you.

    suitable duo date
  • Can I pause the game?

    The Escape Tour cannot actually be paused. The goal is to find the secret exit within two hours. As soon as you start the game at the starting location, time starts running immediately. You can of course choose to take a break, since you have a total of four hours to play the game. Once you take a break, however, the time does just keep running. The group version has no option for a break: the maximum time duration for this game is two hours.

    pause stand still wait
  • Is there an instructor from Escape Tours at the agreed location?

    No, there is no instructor present. You play the Escape Tour via your own smartphone, at the time you want. A few minutes after booking you will receive by email all the necessary information for the Escape Tour.

    guidebook travel guideway leader
  • How long is a Escape Tour valid?

    After booking a Escape Tour you will receive an email with all the instructions and a login code. From then on you can start the Escape Tour whenever you want. The login code is valid for 1 year after the booking date.

    expiration date until when expiration date validity duration
  • Can I bring a dog during the Escape Tour?

    Yes you can! The Escape Tour takes place outdoors.

    pets animals allowed
  • Can I also do the Escape Tour on my bike?

    No, the Escape Tour you play while walking through town. There are two exceptions, the Escape Tour Texel and the Escape Tour Bonaire. These games take place in several places, where it is convenient to go by bike, scooter or car. To complete the tasks, you often have to get off your bike or out of the car.

    vehicle possible
  • Is the Escape Tour available only in Dutch?

    The Escape Tours can be played in multiple languages. On the cities page you can see exactly in which languages a city can be played by means of the flags behind the city names. All cities are always playable in Dutch and English, and sometimes also in another language. Is there only a Dutch flag for now? Then it means the translations are still to come. So keep an eye on the website!

    languages language selection options language options
  • Is the Escape Tour possible if you are deaf?

    Yes! The tasks are written out in the app and to complete most of them you only need good eyesight. If you do not succeed in a task, you can always skip it via the help page in the app.

    deaf hearing impaired hearing disability blind deaf sound

  • Questions on technical points
  • Which app do I need?

    You play the Escape Tour via the app "Loquiz. You can download it from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

    app application software download install
  • Can the Escape Tour be played on all types of smartphones?

    We strongly recommend using a smartphone no more than 3 years old to ensure that the Escape Tour can be played successfully.

    different phones types of devices supported devices which mobile
  • Do I need continuous WiFi or 4G?

    No, you have to load the Escape Tour once via the app. Once this is done, you will not use anything else from your internet bundle, except for uploading a few photos. Receiving statistics right after the game does require an Internet connection.

    WiFi connection internet needed data connection connected internet
  • Should I use a power bank for the Escape Tour?

    In most recent phones with great battery life, the battery will basically be able to last. Still, we recommend bringing a power bank, especially if you are using a dated phone.

    how much power needed energy required power bank recommended
  • Can a Escape Tour be played on multiple phones?

    No, per team you play the game on one smartphone.

    phone swap device other mobile other phone

  • Questions about booking
  • Which payment methods can I use?

    You can pay a Escape Tour only online. The payment methods you can choose include iDeal, Maestro, Credit Card, Giropay and Bancontact.

    payment methods how to pay payment method digital payment transfer cash iDeal Maestro Credit card Giropay Bancontact Invoice quote Paypal
  • Can I receive an invoice?

    Yes, you can. After booking and payment otn receive an email with all instructions. In this email you will also find a link to the invoice.

    invoice booking post-payment
  • I have paid by credit card, but I receive a payment reminder. Is my booking valid now?

    If you pay by credit card, it can take up to 2 hours for the payment to be approved and completed. In the meantime, you may receive a payment reminder, which you can ignore in this case. You will automatically receive a payment confirmation with all the necessary information. Haven't you received the confirmation after 2 hours? Please contact us.

    credit card validity verified
  • Can I pay with a VVV Gift Card?

    Yes, you can pay a Escape Tour online with a VVV Gift Card.

    credit voucher gift certificate gift voucher gift
  • Do I need to reserve a date and/or time in advance?

    No way! You can play the Escape Tour whenever you want. Once you have booked, you will receive the login details and explanation in the mail within minutes and you can play immediately.

    pre-schedule reservation when
  • How high are transaction fees?

    The transaction fee depends on the total cost, but this is a maximum amount of €5.99.

    service charge bank how much are additional charges
  • Can I pay by invoice?

    No you can't. However, we can send a digital payment slip. You can send this to your financial administration. Once the payment has been made you will receive all tickets from us.

    invoice payment possible
  • Is it possible to cancel?

    No you can't. Once you have purchased a ticket you will receive a unique login code for Escape Tour that you can use whenever you want. This login is valid for 1 year.

    cancel move money back return continue

  • Questions about problems
  • I have not received my login details, what should I do?

    Via the text message you received, you can also download all the information. Also check your spam inbox: the mail may have ended up here. Is all this not the case, because for example no mobile number or a wrong e-mail address was entered? Or did you delete the text message and/or e-mail? If so, please contact us.

    still got nothing no mail received information needed I get email
  • The password is incorrect, what can I do?

    Are you sure you entered the password correctly? Also pay close attention to the difference between the letter 'o' and the number '0'. If you are playing the game with multiple teams, the code may have already been used by another team. In that case, use one of the other codes. Tip: also check that you have entered your username correctly.

    wrong password error forgotten
  • My login details are not working, what should I do?

    Please check carefully that you have entered the username and password correctly. Still can't log in? Delete the app from your phone and download the app again. Then try again. Do you get the message 'user not found' or 'unauthorized'? Please contact us by phone or chat.

    error code login error login failure does not work
  • The game does not work. What is the cause of this?

    Is the app up to date? If you went through the steps (login/team name/participants), the game will not start until you hit the start button. Have you done this? Then walk a bit and zoom out on your screen to find yourself, the blue dot, on the map.

    game does not work does not start up does not load does not function
  • I'm in Amsterdam but the pin shows another city. What now?

    We are happy to help you. Please take a moment to contact us.

    wrong city location incorrect other place
  • I don't see any icons on the map, now what?

    It looks like the game was incompletely downloaded. Make sure you have an internet connection. Exit the game via the menu and then close the app completely. Log back in and then click 'or resume with existing team' and then choose your previously entered team name.

    no icons missing elements
  • The backpack and/or playground is empty, what should I do?

    It looks like the game was incompletely downloaded. Make sure you have an internet connection. Exit the game via the menu and then close the app completely. Log back in and then click 'or resume with existing team' and then choose your previously entered team name.

    backpack no content playground
  • My smartphone has trouble finding the points on the map, why?

    Your location may not be completely accurate. Adjust the GPS settings on your smartphone or other device. You can adjust the location accuracy in the settings.

    positioning precision how exactly navigation
  • What should I do if my phone runs out of battery during the game?

    First of all, we recommend playing the game with the phone from the team that has the longest battery life. This is often the most recent and most expensive phone. Should your phone run low during the game, you can continue playing on another phone. In this case, follow these steps:

    - Leave the game on the phone that is almost empty
    - Log in to the new phone with your personal login information
    - Delete the game info
    - Press start
    - Do not enter your team name and team members again but press: 'or resume with existing team' and then choose your previously entered team name
    - Continue Escape Tour with the new and full phone

    Note: The time you spend switching to a new phone will be deducted from your playing time! So the time you see in the app after switching is no longer correct....

    dead battery power on mobile on phone
  • The pins on the card don't work, what should I do?

    Chances are you are using an outdated version of iOS/Android or the Loquiz app. Update the version of iOS/Android or Loquiz. Are they up to date but the pins still don't work? Then the wisest thing to do is to use another device from your team. Follow the steps below to continue on another device.

    - Leave the game on the phone you started with
    - Log in to the other phone with your personal login details
    - Delete the game info
    - Press start
    - Do not enter your team name and team members again but press 'or resume with existing team' and then choose your previously entered team name
    - Continue Escape Tour with the other phone

    old phone mobile points do not function
  • I did not receive an email after the game, what should I do?

    Are you connected to the Internet? Wait a few minutes at the finish site, it may take a while for the mail to be sent. Also, don't forget to check your spam box! The mail may have ended up there.

    missing email nothing got

  • Questions about savings & discounts
  • I have bought several tickets via a savings campaign. How can I redeem them both?

    If you purchased 2 or more tickets through a savings promotion, you will have to make a new reservation for each ticket and enter a different discount code obtained with each reservation.

    cards saved multiple
  • My discount code is not working. What can I do?

    You may have to go to another website before you can make a booking with us. Check the voucher you received for all information. If you have received a discount code from Escape Tours : please check that you have entered the code correctly and that it is still valid. Is it still not working? Please contact us and we will look into it with you.

    discount invalid action

  • Questions about groups
  • I want to play the game with say 16 people, how many teams should I make?

    You purchase 1 ticket per team. We recommend making teams of 2-4 people. This way everyone is involved in the game. With 16 people you then make 4 teams, and thus buy 4 tickets total.

    number of team members per team how many members per group
  • I have bought 2 or more tickets, how does this work?

    You have been given different log-in details for each team. So one person per team logs in, and the game is played on that person's smartphone. You can then start every 5 minutes so that not all teams reach the assignment points at the same time.

    multiple cards different reservations
  • If we play the game with 3 teams, how do we know when we have won?

    We will keep track of everyone's standings online. After the Escape Tour you will receive an email with a link to your personal ranking. There you can see which of your teams has won. On the Wall of Fame you can also immediately see if you managed to secure a spot among the fastest teams of all time!

    how to win notification victory finish finished end exit slot escaped
  • I am with several teams, will we all start at the same time?

    We then recommend starting 10 minutes apart. This does not matter for the game because each team has a maximum of 2 hours to find the exit. As a result, you will not walk at the same pace and you will not hear each other's answers. After all, you are all walking the same route!

    at the same time all groups start
  • Is there an element of competition?

    Yes! The goal is to find the secret exit of the city within 2 hours. If you manage to do this and another team does not, you are faster and thus the winner. The fastest possible escape from the city is more important than the number of correct answers. After the game you will receive a personal ranking list in the mail. Here you can see exactly how much time it took each team to find the secret exit.

    competition against each other match rivalry
  • I want to play with a very large group (20 or more people). Is that possible?

    Yes! A special group version has been created for large groups. This allows multiple teams to start at the same time without running after each other. In the first part of the game, each team gets a different order of assignments. The starting location and the secret exit are the same for each team. In addition, you get your own ranking with only your teams. Check out the large groups page for more information.

    maximum number of participants how many players family outing family day staff outing group outing colleagues
  • I bought a group version. How does this work?

    Every 10 minutes a maximum of 5 teams start at the same time. Each team automatically gets a different starting assignment, so there is no running after each other. Fifteen minutes later another maximum of 5 teams will start at the same time, until all teams are on their way. Afterwards the booker will receive your own ranking list by e-mail.

    different operation different versions

  • Questions about collaboration
  • I am a restaurant owner. Can I also sell the game to my customers?

    When your catering business is in the middle of an old city, it is smart to offer the Escape Tour to your guests. You can combine that yourself with, for example, coffee/tea beforehand and a beer or dinner afterwards. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

    own store restaurant offer promotion make offer
  • I am a municipality and find the Escape Tour interesting for our marketing.

    Several cities are adopting the Escape Tour as a new way to explore the city. They are promoting it through their tourist office or information channels, and it is even possible to sell the tickets at a discount through affiliate deals. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

    my town
  • If I want to offer the Escape Tour through my own online channels, is this allowed?

    You certainly can! Please contact us for all possibilities.

    my webshop website store