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Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)

Start location: Parking place 'Achter Davidshof

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An outing in Amersfoort for the whole family or relatives? Then play the family version of the Escape Tour Amersfoort! This Escape Tour has been set out especially for children. Together with your kids you wander through Amersfoort, looking for clues that will lead you to the secret treasure. The kids are busy with the game and you can enjoy the best spots of Amersfoort yourself!

Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)
Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)
Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)
Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)
Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)
Escape Tour Amersfoort (Family)

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 1.5 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Linda About Amersfoort (family):
"Fun escape tour, nice afternoon had!"
Douglas About Amersfoort (family):
"Had a great time, kids really enjoyed the family Amersfoort tour."
Johan About Amersfoort (family):
"Despite the atrocious weather, 1of the teams still ran it because it was so much fun finding the treasure. "
Hennie About Amersfoort (family):
"Fun way to discover the cozy city of Amersfoort"
Emiel About Amersfoort (family):
"Very fun way to explore a city with kids!"
Hanneke About Amersfoort (family):
"It's a fun tour to do with a larger group. A little competition is a lot of fun!"
Diana About Amersfoort (family):
"Fun experience, 1.5 hours is impossible with kids or you have to run. Also a bit pricey and the ending was an anticlimax."
Sander About Amersfoort (family):
"Fun afternoon had "
Monique About Amersfoort (family):
"Nice that there is a family version! "
Liesbeth About Amersfoort (family):
"This was the second time we used it. Super nice and clearly put together".
Janneke About Amersfoort (family):
"It was a very enjoyable walk. "
Chantal About Amersfoort (family):
"Super fun to spend part of a day with. "
lianne About Amersfoort (family):
"Was super fun to do. And especially now in lockdown. You see other things of the city now, too. "
Hannelore About Amersfoort (family):
"A fun way to see the city in a different way! "
Evie About Amersfoort (family):
"Very fun to do with our granddaughters aged 9 and 11!"
Maarten About Amersfoort (family):
"Very fun activity to do together with our two kids. Enjoyed being outside a lot and exploring together."
Natascha About Amersfoort (family):
"Super fun tour done through amersfoort. Saw a lot of nice places in the city where you don't come otherwise. Also very fun to do with 2 adolescents"
Wytske About Amersfoort (family):
"Fun to do with the family. Gets to places you wouldn't normally go. Amersfoort is a beautiful city."
Wilmieke About Amersfoort (family):
"Fun tour in a beautiful city! Historical insert in the tour would be extra nice."
Arjan About Amersfoort (family):
"A fun, educational activity, also for children. You learn to look at a city with different eyes."