Last played Escape Tour was in Ghent

Preparing for your Escape Tour

Are you about to start a Escape Tour Do you want to be really prepared? Then read the following preparation tips carefully! This way you can avoid problems before and during game play.

Game explanation

The purpose of the Escape Tour is to find the secret exit from the city as quickly as possible. In order to set a fast time, you have to navigate to the icons on the map and complete map, and complete tasks correctly. Each correct answer may yield a clue or a hint that brings you closer to the secret exit. Does your team set a fast time? Then maybe you will be put on our Wall of Fame!

Can't make it in 2 hours? No problem, you can play for an extra 2 hours. So it's up to you whether you take a break during the game, but be careful because the time will continue.

How do you start the game?

  • Go to the starting location as indicated in the mail. Open Loquiz app on the spot.
  • Log in with the user name and the password of the attached ticket. And then press OK.
    • If several tickets have been purchased, there is one ticket with login details for each team. The username is always the same.
  • The game is being downloaded now, please read the game info.
  • After reading the game info, click on the cross and press start.
  • Enter a nice team name and the team members and press OK.
  • The game has now started. You see a blue dot on the map, this is you. Walk to an icon on the map and make sure that you are within a short distance of the icon. The question/ask will appear on the screen.
  • The game ends after 4 hours or when you have found the exit.
  • If the Escape Tour you will receive your statistics via e-mail.
    • Please note that this information will be emailed to the email address entered when booking the Escape Tour!

Additional tips

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection on the phone you are playing the game with, and a full battery.
  • Before you start, optimize the location accuracy in your phone's settings.
  • With an Escape Tour you will walk through the city for about two hours, so adjust your clothes to the weather conditions.
  • Only log into the app when you want to start the game at the starting location. After you log in, the time already starts.
  • Flat battery while playing the game? Check here what to do.