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Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)

Starting location: the Peperbus

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Stroll together with your family or relatives through Zwolle in search of the secret treasure! With the family Escape Tour Zwolle you try, just like Mike and Merel, to discover the location of the secret treasure within 1.5 hours. This Escape Tour is specially made for children and is therefore the perfect activity for a fun day out in Zwolle with the kids!

Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)
Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)
Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)
Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)
Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)
Escape Tour Zwolle (Family)

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 1.5 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Engelien About Zwolle (family):
"The family tour is fun with young children. "
Charles About Zwolle (family):
"Bit expensive, though."
Lisa About Zwolle (family):
"Super fun to have done this! Was our very first escape tour and there will definitely be more to come! Thank you guys so much! GreetingsTeam the Bloppers"
Robin About Zwolle (family):
"Too bad about the wrong questions, otherwise nice to explore the city this way "
Lous About Zwolle (family):
"It was a lot of fun to do!"
Martijn About Zwolle (family):
"The kids had a great time and got to know their own city in a different way for a change. Out from behind the gaming computer, on to the walking shoes!"
Joanne About Zwolle (family):
"The escapetour was a lot of fun to do!"
G About Zwolle (family):
"Very nice tour of Zwolle with the kids, discovered beautiful bits you would never get to otherwise!"
Karan About Zwolle (family):
"Recommended for getting to know a city. Purposeful walking and instructive!"
Jeroen About Zwolle (family):
"Super fun tour to do with kids."
Carina About Zwolle (family):
"In itself very nice, but we did not finish it because we could not answer some questions. This is because the church was completely packed. Very unfortunate."
Wilfred About Zwolle (family):
"Fine hike. Kids were done after 2 hours (9-11-12-13). Instructions clear. "
Martje About Zwolle (family):
"Very fun to do! This way you really see gems of the city and the kids really liked the assignments :)"
Nienke About Zwolle (family):
"Fun escapetour. Kids had a great time."
E. About Zwolle (family):
"Very nice. We are going to do 1 more in a smaller (and older) company."
Ruth About Zwolle (family):
"Very fun route past places you can't find on your own. Varied tasks make this route very fun and good to keep up with for the kids. Highly recommended!"
Jeroen About Zwolle (family):
"Fun afternoon experienced. You get to places you wouldn't otherwise be so quick to visit. Lots of information and generally a good working app"
Jacqueline About Zwolle (family):
"Once again we had a tremendous amount of fun. If I had prepared better, I would have arranged a treasure for the end "
Hans About Zwolle (family):
"Fun activity for the whole family."
Johan About Zwolle (family):
"Super fun, terraces are a challenge not to take"