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Escape Tour Breda

Start location: Kapucijnenhof

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Every city has its secret exit that only a select few of its inhabitants know about, and so does Breda. It is not surprising that Maria van Antwerpen might need this one. After all, she was the first transvestite in the Netherlands and got into trouble for it. With the Escape Tour Breda you crawl into the skin of Maria and do everything to escape safely from Breda.

Escape Tour Breda
Escape Tour Breda
Escape Tour Breda
Escape Tour Breda
Escape Tour Breda
Escape Tour Breda

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Suzanne About Breda:
"The Escape Tours in Breda is a route through lots of greenery and provides fun insights and facts. This one is not very complicated."
Remco About Breda:
"Fun and good mix of exercise, seeing things and puzzling. "
Jenny About Breda:
"Fun way to see the city. The locations were easy to find and the assignments were not that difficult. "
Lisanne About Breda:
"Super fun activity in Breda! Bit of culture sniffing, bit of excitement and bit of activity. Nice to get to know a city in such a way."
Ina About Breda:
"Fun and creative and a nice way to get to know the city "
Angelique About Breda:
"Anonymous Nice to get to know a city this way! Definitely going to do more!"
Renske About Breda:
"Nice tour, however 2 groups get the same one so you walk behind each other. So you always only have to buy 2."
Conny About Breda:
"Well very nice such a escape tour. Some assignments could be worked out a little more clearly in our opinion."
Olga About Breda:
"It was a lot of fun to do. "
Annemieke About Breda:
"Nice way to explore Breda"
French About Breda:
"It was super fun."
Anneke About Breda:
"Fun activity, not too intense and above all fun."
Manouk About Breda:
"A fun and enjoyable way to get to know a city. "
Roy About Breda:
"Fun escapetour! A nice way to get an impression of the city in a short time."
Anita About Breda:
"Was a lot of fun! Also with that story attached."
Remco About Breda:
"Fun interactive outdoor game, moving and thinking, good for body and mind"
Flore About Breda:
"Highly recommended! Fun way to explore a city."
Christina About Breda:
"Fun assignments, fun hike."
Paula About Breda:
"Super fun activity right across the city!"
Marjolein About Breda:
"Nice story, good instructions. It was well put together and we really enjoyed doing it. Worth repeating."