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Escape Tour Roermond

Start location: Station Square

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It is July 1572 and Roermond is preparing for a fierce battle. William of Orange demands the city, but the inhabitants of Roermond are not to know anything about it. The prince orders his soldiers to take the city by violent means. While plundering, the army marches through the city and loots all Catholic churches and monasteries.

Escape Tour Roermond
Escape Tour Roermond
Escape Tour Roermond
Escape Tour Roermond
Escape Tour Roermond
Escape Tour Roermond

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Paul About Roermond:
"Very nice discovery of the city of Roermond, will definitely come back again to further explore the city at our leisure."
Malvin About Roermond:
"Super fun experience and a new fun view of roermond"
May About Roermond:
"It was a fun and intersecting walking tour and you look at the city and buildings differently."
Jorien About Roermond:
"Fun accessible escape. Definitely worth repeating. Next one is already planned."
Janneke About Roermond:
"Super fun escape tour through Roermond done. Fun assignments and a good story."
Jo About Roermond:
"Remains a fun way to get to know a city"
Nicole About Roermond:
"Fun activity, clear instructions. Worth repeating (in another city)!"
E.M. About Roermond:
"Nice tour, longer stretches of walking than I know from other routes. But beautiful again"
Jose About Roermond:
"Playing the game in 2 hours is tough. We didn't succeed. "
Jacqueline About Roermond:
"Well taken care of!"
Birgit About Roermond:
"Furthermore, the city escape was very fun and informative"
Marly About Roermond:
"Going out with friends is always fun and especially when you can walk around town and play a game in a fun way."
Wendy About Roermond:
"We had a fun trip, and saw a lot"