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Escape Tour Volendam

Start location: Slobbeland car park

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The eternally single Volendammer Piet Tol, also known as the Waffle, had done it. After a pleasant evening in the pub, he had hooked up with Teunie, the daughter of the mayor of Marken! It soon transpired that she was pregnant and so the Waffel was allowed to return to Marken to admire his son. He saw his son and did not think twice, he must grow up in Volendam!

Escape Tour Volendam
Escape Tour Volendam
Escape Tour Volendam
Escape Tour Volendam
Escape Tour Volendam
Escape Tour Volendam

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Rick About Volendam:
"Are very fun activities to do"
Wim About Volendam:
"The stained glass at hotel chips is not to be seen"
Evelien About Volendam:
"Super fun city escape with different assignments. So you see something of the center "
Petra About Volendam:
"Very nice to discover Volendam this way. Fun assignments and nicely accomplished within the time!"
Frieda About Volendam:
"It was a lot of fun!"
Joan About Volendam:
"It was fun to explore the city in a different way. The assignments were a little easy though."
Marielle About Volendam:
"Nice tour some things though hard to find "
Michel About Volendam:
"We had a very nice afternoon in Volendam!"
Gerben About Volendam:
"Fun activity, great questions and assignments. "
Wanda About Volendam:
"Super fun. Even in your own hometown, this is fun!"
C About Volendam:
"Fun tour and not difficult"
Marlies About Volendam:
"Super fun walk with fun assignments. Saw other bits of Volendam. "
Angelique About Volendam:
"Nice to walk through Volendam this way. Especially environment maze very nice and away from fe crowds"
Wendy About Volendam:
"We had to abort due to the weather (rain) and it got dark too quickly"
Evelien About Volendam:
"It was a fun escape tour where you explore the place in a fun way and get into streets you wouldn't otherwise see."
Eveline About Volendam:
"Super fun tour"
Manon About Volendam:
"Fun to take a walking tour of the city with a purpose as well as explore all the tourist and lesser known spots of the city this way!"
Marjon About Volendam:
"With an escape tour, you get to places and/or see things you wouldn't normally go or see. You view a place in a completely different way."
Jeanet About Volendam:
"Nice tour. However, we could not finish it due to the entry of St. Nicholas"
Janneke About Volendam:
"Fun escapetour! Sometimes good search for intent but saved in time and that's what it's all about."