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Escape Tour Middelburg

Start location: City Hall

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In the year 1830, a well-known surgeon, Jean Baptiste de Loeil, lived in the pleasant town of Middelburg. Behind the scenes, he was not only a surgeon but also a quack, and above all a mafia boss. Until he started to try out his own remedies...

Escape Tour Middelburg
Escape Tour Middelburg
Escape Tour Middelburg
Escape Tour Middelburg

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Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Wendy About Middelburg:
"Middelburg is a nice city anyway. Very nice route with surprising alleys"
Resie About Middelburg:
"Nice escape tour. This way you discover other nice places in a city you normally don't visit that often."
Elzeliene About Middelburg:
"Very nice to explore a city this way. Also, it's fun to get to places you don't get to easily otherwise. "
Esmeralda About Middelburg:
"Very fun game. It allows you to see other parts of a city you wouldn't otherwise get to."
Gerard About Middelburg:
"Very nice way to walk through the city. You get to places you don't see otherwise. "
Arianne About Middelburg:
"Super fun to do. "
margret About Middelburg:
"Fun escape tour done with 4 girlfriends through Middelburg. Unfortunately we didn't make it within the time, so couldn't escape! "
petty About Middelburg:
"Fun afternoon had"
Guus About Middelburg:
"Super fun way to get to know a city. Better than wandering around in the center. Definitely worth repeating!"
Nicole About Middelburg:
"Fun way to see the city. You get to places you wouldn't otherwise. Nice story line. "
Dries About Middelburg:
"Ideal activity to explore the city, good app, fun search activities, definitely doable with children from 10 to 12 years old."
Pieter About Middelburg:
"Very fun! You get to places you wouldn't otherwise just go."
Marike About Middelburg:
"Very nice route through Middelburg, past beautiful buildings and through nice back alleys. Nice assignments along the way. "
Karen About Middelburg:
"Fun way to discover a city. You get to places you would never have discovered otherwise. Put on good walking shoes! "
Tim About Middelburg:
"Fun way to explore a city. Works perfectly!"
Anouk About Middelburg:
"Incredibly fun tour of beautiful unknown places with fun assignments, we had a great afternoon!"
Claudia About Middelburg:
"Very fun to discover a city. Gets to nice places in the city that you don't easily get to by yourself if you don't know the city."
Ruud About Middelburg:
"Very nice tours. Have done about six tours all over Europe by now."
Bessel About Middelburg:
"Very nice way to see some of the city. "
Karien About Middelburg:
"Had great escape tour with family in Middelburg. Discovered places in Middelburg you wouldn't have gone to otherwise. Highly recommended."