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Escape Tour Zaltbommel

Start Location: City Castle

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Maarten van Rossum is a feared man. Brave as he is, Van Rossum does everything he can to guard the Duchy of Gelre. He even invaded The Hague to fight against Charles V and his men. After the victory, Maarten and his men are welcomed as winners in Zaltbommel. Unfortunately, not everyone is impressed by the victory....

Escape Tour Zaltbommel
Escape Tour Zaltbommel
Escape Tour Zaltbommel
Escape Tour Zaltbommel
Escape Tour Zaltbommel
Escape Tour Zaltbommel

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Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Claudine About Zaltbommel:
"Zaltbommel is a very nice little town and with the escape route you see all kinds of fun things. We even found a famous Dutchman! "
Ilze About Zaltbommel:
"Very fun activity."
Liselotte About Zaltbommel:
"Very fun way to discover your hometown in a different way! "
Shirley About Zaltbommel:
"With this lovely weather, it was fun form to walk through the city. "
Sabine About Zaltbommel:
"Had a very fun escaperoom! Fun tasks with lots of variety and you get to all kinds of places you would never have found otherwise."
Ellie About Zaltbommel:
"Beautiful tour, got to know city better. Everyone enthusiastic."
Cornelis About Zaltbommel:
"Nice interesting activity: challenging and you get to know the city."
nick About Zaltbommel:
"Was a lot of fun! Just a shame that some of the questions didn't add up."