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Escape Tour Leeuwarden

Start location: St. Bonifatius Church

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The Escape Tour Leeuwarden takes you to the year 1664 and puts you in the shoes of the stadholder of Friesland: Willem Frederik van Nassau, alias the unlucky one. William was quite fond of women which cost him dearly this time. After an affair with his wife's sister he was no longer sure of his life, his ferocious brother-in-law had opened a manhunt for him in Leeuwarden. So he had to look for the secret exit!

Escape Tour Leeuwarden
Escape Tour Leeuwarden
Escape Tour Leeuwarden
Escape Tour Leeuwarden
Escape Tour Leeuwarden
Escape Tour Leeuwarden

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
M.R. About Leeuwarden:
"The escape tour is very informative about the history and the town of Leeuwarden, and passes by beautiful sightseeing places. This tour is highly recommended."
Danielle About Leeuwarden:
"Fun way to explore the city"
Léonie About Leeuwarden:
"What a fun escape it was again and we even escaped within 2 hours! I always enjoy the game again!"
Astrid About Leeuwarden:
"What a super fun way to discover an unfamiliar city! Fun story and wonderful route!"
Wander About Leeuwarden:
"Fun, somewhat easy tour. Missed the Fries Museum in the walking tour"
Martine About Leeuwarden:
"Super fun city walk escape tour done. Nice to discover Leeuwarden this way. "
Ellen About Leeuwarden:
"Nice to walk through Leeuwarden like this. Very simple though, it would be more fun if you could use your brain a bit more."
Ellen About Leeuwarden:
"Very nice escape tour. Sees places of Leeuwarden you don't. "
Lijda About Leeuwarden:
"A super fun way to explore a city with this game element, not very difficult."
From About Leeuwarden:
"Super fun activity. Different way to get to know a city."
Ben About Leeuwarden:
"Fun as a game. No added value relative to a city tour and relative to a city tour pricey."
Guusje About Leeuwarden:
"What a fun escapetour to discover many great places of Leeuwarden. Nice storyline!"
Estia About Leeuwarden:
"Getting to know another new city in a fun way!"
Pieter About Leeuwarden:
"Fun escape tour along the sights of Leeuwarden!"
Edwin About Leeuwarden:
"Very nice tour walked in Leeuwarden. Hrt fun is that you get to know the city so playfully."
Doeke About Leeuwarden:
"Super fun way to get to know an unfamiliar city. "
Elise About Leeuwarden:
"It was very fun to do, that way you also see a lot of the city definitely recommended."
J. About Leeuwarden:
"We had a fun escape tour in Leeuwarden"
Noortje About Leeuwarden:
"Very nice and definitely worth trying in other cities as well. "
Gea About Leeuwarden:
"Was a lot of fun to do. Worth repeating and then in another city."

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