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Escape Tour Eindhoven

Start location: Stationsplein

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Eindhoven and the Philips family are forever linked. This is evident in the story of the Escape Tour Eindhoven. During the Escape Tour you step into the shoes of Benjamin, the nephew of Frits Philips. In World War II, he had the important task of delivering an advanced eavesdropping transmitter outside the city without the Germans finding out.

Escape Tour Eindhoven
Escape Tour Eindhoven
Escape Tour Eindhoven
Escape Tour Eindhoven
Escape Tour Eindhoven
Escape Tour Eindhoven

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Annelie About Eindhoven:
"Fun to get to know a city better. As an enthusiastic couple, it is definitely worth your money"
Marion About Eindhoven:
"What a fun activity that even the adolescents were totally excited about! "
Julia About Eindhoven:
"Super fun activity to get to know the city better! would definitely recommend it"
Eline About Eindhoven:
"Escape tours games remain a fun activity, but we have been to more fun cities with more fun storylines than Eindhoven"
Harold About Eindhoven:
"Route is doable within 2 hours. In itself a nice route, but personally I like the route in a city with more history more."
Ellen About Eindhoven:
"Very nice tour made through Eindhoven. However, finishing within 2 hours as a family is practically impossible. "
Esther About Eindhoven:
"Fun tour of beautiful part of Eindhoven! "
Edith About Eindhoven:
"Getting to know fun places we would have never been to otherwise!"
Liebje About Eindhoven:
"Well arranged and fun activity to also get to know the city"
Miranda About Eindhoven:
"A fun activity to get to know the city in a different way."
Ad About Eindhoven:
"Another fun tour. Even though I live in Eindhoven, saw some unfamiliar places again."
Patrick About Eindhoven:
"Really a super tour and saw places of Eindhoven that as a purebred Eindhovenian I didn't even know "
Corinne About Eindhoven:
"Fun tour, highly recommended."
Thomas About Eindhoven:
"Very nice idea from escape tour. Well set up, nice information and definitely not too simple."
Rosemarie About Eindhoven:
"Was great fun again!"
Evi About Eindhoven:
"The tour is clear, easy to walk and has both easy and challenging questions. Great!"
piet About Eindhoven:
"Fun to do. Funny to experience that when you deviate or reach a certain point, there is an immediate response from the app. "
Jacqueline About Eindhoven:
"Other than that, it was fun "
Margot About Eindhoven:
"Everything worked fine for our group of 8 teams. Easy to reach by phone and friendly service. Highly recommended! "
Sander About Eindhoven:
"always fun way to see the city"

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