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Escape Tour Copenhagen

Start location: City Hall

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Why Denmark's King Christian VII was so special? When he was crowned he was only 17 years old! Of course, that's not nothing, and of course this provides many great stories. With the Escape Tour Copenhagen you will find out. You will step into the King's shoes and search for the secret exit of Copenhagen.

Escape Tour Copenhagen
Escape Tour Copenhagen
Escape Tour Copenhagen
Escape Tour Copenhagen
Escape Tour Copenhagen
Escape Tour Copenhagen

In short:

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Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Britt About Copenhagen:
"Very fun way to discover a new city! Recommend it to everyone!"
Jolande About Copenhagen:
"We thought it was super fun and were really fanatical"
Judith About Copenhagen:
"Very much enjoyed this cool tour! Story is well put together and questions are fun. Some a little searching, others a little simpler. Highly recommended!"
Lizet About Copenhagen:
"Top escape tour. Was very clear and very fun for the kids to do."
Pleun About Copenhagen:
"Fun way to explore the city and get to some of the more unfamiliar places"
Anne About Copenhagen:
"Overall rating: 9/10!"
Stefani About Copenhagen:
"Copenhagen is a beautiful city. Also with escape tours. highly recommended. "
Marlinde About Copenhagen:
"We have already done many Escapetours in the Netherlands, but it's really cool that it can be done abroad as well!"
Angele About Copenhagen:
"Super nice that the escape tour is also available on our city trip! A really fun way to explore the city and learn a lot about it."