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Escape Tour The Hague

Start location: St. Jacob's Church

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The Hague is of course the city where our royal family has several quarters. So did King Willem III in the year 1851. This king was a remarkable figure and experienced many special adventures. With the Escape Tour The Hague you will not only visit the highlights of the city but you will also get to know this king a little better.

Escape Tour The Hague
Escape Tour The Hague
Escape Tour The Hague
Escape Tour The Hague
Escape Tour The Hague
Escape Tour The Hague

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Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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More reviews
Annemarie About The Hague:
"Fun afternoon out!"
Gerard About The Hague:
"Was a fun tour"
Marijn About The Hague:
"Very fun activity as a team outing, it goes nice and fast, t is challenging but not too difficult, and you walk through downtown which is also very cozy. "
Lida About The Hague:
"Super fun. And worth repeating. Saw a lot and also learned about The Hague"
Saskia About The Hague:
"Very fun and informative scavenger hunt, even for us The Hague connoisseurs. You do look at the buildings in the city with completely different eyes."
Kimberly About The Hague:
"Great activity, would recommend!!! "
Miriam About The Hague:
"Been super fun!"
Floor About The Hague:
"Very fun activity in nice weather! Long enough to walk around town for a day."
Esther About The Hague:
"It was a fun outing where you get to know the city in a fun way with interesting facts that were not known to us before."
Marije About The Hague:
"Super fun way to see the city in a different way, especially with an adolescent daughter ;-)"
Saron About The Hague:
"Incredibly fun activity! We will definitely play it more often!"
J.P. About The Hague:
"Fun royal escape tour through beautiful The Hague."
D. About The Hague:
"Despite the lesser weather today, we saw many unfamiliar spots in the Court City and had a wonderful walk. We will definitely go for another city."
Patricia About The Hague:
"A hugely enjoyable tour of t center of den haag. Even learned a bit more."
Lizet About The Hague:
"Very nice to walk through The Hague in Willem's story. We were just short of the time for the wall off fame. "
Rian About The Hague:
"Super fun way to discover the city of The Hague."
Jose About The Hague:
"Fun way to get busy together and also be athletic. "
Annette About The Hague:
"Was a lot of fun walking through town like this, fun questions!"
Dirk About The Hague:
"Very fun to explore a city in a playful way"
Danique About The Hague:
"Fun outdoor activity to get to know the city in a different way!"

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