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Escape Tour Düsseldorf

Starting location: Maritime Museum

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Meet the richest beer magnate and inventor of Altbier. His name is Hoppeditz and his stature is great in Düsseldorf. With the Escape Tour Düsseldorf you will go back in time, to the year 1825. This is the year where Hoppeditz's successful life took a turn. After all, he had to flee from the mayor and his wife!

Escape Tour Düsseldorf
Escape Tour Düsseldorf
Escape Tour Düsseldorf
Escape Tour Düsseldorf

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Linda About Dusseldorf:
"Fun and approachable way to explore a city"
Sybrand About Dusseldorf:
"Fun way to discover a city in a playful way. "
Lisanne About Dusseldorf:
"Very nice escape tour. Nice to see something of the city through this way. Nice stories and assignments. Definitely worth repeating. "
Yara About Dusseldorf:
"Nice tour, story might have been a little more comprehensive."
Jean About Dusseldorf:
"Very nice afternoon had with the Escape Tour in Düsseldorf. This way you get to know the city from a completely different side.... Definitely recommended!"
Nicolle About Dusseldorf:
"Nice tour. Not convenient during Christmas market. Currently a lot of restoration. "
Peter About Dusseldorf:
"Very nice escape tour. Not too difficult and you see a big part of the old town of dusseldorf."
Mark About Dusseldorf:
"Very fun way to experience Düsseldorf in a different way. Nice interactive assignments. "
Gea About Dusseldorf:
"Was another fun tour to do. Saw a lot of the old town."
Lennart About Dusseldorf:
"Fun experience to get to know the city in a different way!"
Vanessa About Dusseldorf:
"In itself, a fun tour."
Karlien About Dusseldorf:
"Very nice and you see a piece of the city right away"
Saskia About Dusseldorf:
"Very fun way to get to know the city. "
Sandy About Dusseldorf:
"Fun Escape Tour in a surprisingly beautiful city. We had never been to Düsseldorf before and combined with the Escape Tour it was a fun experience."
Martijn About Dusseldorf:
"Fun game, simple to set up."
Monique About Dusseldorf:
"Fun game to do and be able to explore the city in the meantime"
Linde About Dusseldorf:
"Fun way to discover the city. The Düsseldorf escapetour is a bit on the short side, but those of other cities are exactly nice in terms of time."
Emily About Dusseldorf:
"Fun way to get to know a city better. It's a little more city play than we expected, but all in all a fun experience."