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Escape Tour Warsaw

Start location: Palace of Culture and Science

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If you are in Warsaw you cannot escape the city's tragic history and the well-known Warsaw Ghetto. With the Escape Tour Warsaw you will dive into the extraordinary story of Irena Sendler, an extraordinary woman with only one mission: to save as many children as possible from the Warsaw ghetto, regardless of their religion or nationality.

Escape Tour Warsaw
Escape Tour Warsaw
Escape Tour Warsaw
Escape Tour Warsaw
Escape Tour Warsaw
Escape Tour Warsaw

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Nina About Warsaw:
"Always fun the Escape Tour and now for the first time internationally! "
Marjolein About Warsaw:
"Very fun way to discover Warsaw!"
Nadia About Warsaw:
"Fun way to see Warsaw in a different way and learn some history."
Annette About Warsaw:
"Fun tour! Enjoyed hiking. Although as 50+ ers it took us a little longer to master the app."