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Escape Tour Assen

Start location: the Station

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It is dinner time in Assen and the Bartels family is sitting at the table. Father works hard, but the family has little to spend. Every morning the seven children eat bread with margarine and in the evening they get brown beans. Son Bartje is completely fed up with it. He dreams of whipped cream pie and fries. Just when father Bartels wants to start the prayer, Bartje shouts angrily: "I don't pray for brown beans!

Escape Tour Assen
Escape Tour Assen
Escape Tour Assen
Escape Tour Assen
Escape Tour Assen
Escape Tour Assen

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Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Gemma About Assen:
"Enjoyed it with the capital G! Very playful way to walk through the city and learn more about it."
Léonie About Assen:
"Top activity!!!"
Esther About Assen:
"We really enjoyed exploring the city of Assen through this tour! Nice job!"
Marco About Assen:
"Nice way to get to know the city better and also see something other than just the shopping street :-)"
Wilma About Assen:
"Super fun to do, definitely going to do it more often."
Joke About Assen:
"Fun escapetour. You learn and see things you wouldn't otherwise look at or pay attention to. Fun to do the assignments with each other. "
Robert About Assen:
"A supper fun game and in every city you can play it you see fun things and hear a special story."
Shirley About Assen:
"It's a very fun way to see a city. Definitely recommended!"
Paulien About Assen:
"It was a fun escapetour!!!"
Frits About Assen:
"A fun tour but sometimes with difficult questions that had no answers. Had a fun afternoon with the granddaughter though."
Miranda About Assen:
"What a fun escape tour through Assen! Fun assignments. Worth repeating! "
Andries About Assen:
"Very nice tour to do! This way you see some different things of the city than when you just walk around"
Hhc About Assen:
"Incredibly fun to do. You see things you would otherwise completely pass by"
Karin About Assen:
"A fun way on exploring the city. Very suitable as a team outing. "
Joyce About Assen:
"Super fun escape tour made in Assen and learned a lot about "Bartje"!!! :D "