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Escape Tour Curaçao

Start location: Molenplein

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Wilson Godett was born in 1932. He grew up a rough boy, not afraid to throw a punch here and there. So it was no surprise that he became boxing champion at the age of 22. Godett was as proud as a peacock, but also looking for a new challenge! After a brief stint as a dock worker, Godett founded a political party. He would tell them how things should be done in Willemstad.

Escape Tour Curaçao
Escape Tour Curaçao
Escape Tour Curaçao
Escape Tour Curaçao
Escape Tour Curaçao
Escape Tour Curaçao

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Sabrina About Curaçao:
"Fun tour of the capital of Curacao. "
Leonieke About Curaçao:
"Super fun experience had. Very fun exploring Willemstad and playing the story like this. Very much enjoyed ourselves!!! "
Debby About Curaçao:
"Fun game to discover nice spots in Willemstad and learn something of the history."
Jo About Curaçao:
"Nice concept to discover new places. You Come to surprising places. "
Mark About Curaçao:
"Very nice tour along streets you would otherwise skip. The game draws your attention to the little things you otherwise pass by "
Anouk About Curaçao:
"Very nice to discover the beautiful places of Willemstad like this "
Giovanny About Curaçao:
"Super fun escape tour and again learned something about willemstad "
Peter About Curaçao:
"A short but very enjoyable tour,learned a lot about history. "
Stephany About Curaçao:
"Excellent! Great fun to do with your family! "
Anne About Curaçao:
"It was fun to do the search, you learn something about your surroundings again"
Jolinda About Curaçao:
"Amazing thing to do! "
Malissa About Curaçao:
"Super fun day activity"