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Escape Tour Harderwijk

Start location: Market 1

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Harderwijk is an ancient Hanseatic city with a great history. During the Escape Tour Harderwijk you will dive into this past and imagine yourself in 1636, the year a plague epidemic broke out in the city. As a result, the governor closed the city gates to prevent further spread. But what now, how do you escape this terrible disease?

Escape Tour Harderwijk
Escape Tour Harderwijk
Escape Tour Harderwijk
Escape Tour Harderwijk
Escape Tour Harderwijk
Escape Tour Harderwijk

In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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Monique About Harderwijk:
"Nice cozy outing to explore the city, Fun assignments! "
Liesbeth About Harderwijk:
"A great way to discover beautiful spots of hHarderwijk arderwijk"
Marja About Harderwijk:
"Very nice escapetour through Harderwijk, the signage was very clear,sometimes a little searching for the answer, but that's what makes it fun."
Anita About Harderwijk:
"The questions could be a little more specific the route is very nice. "
Arja About Harderwijk:
"Super fun and so you get to know the city in a fun way"
Trudy About Harderwijk:
"Discovered Harderwijk in a very fun way. Highly recommended."
Natacha About Harderwijk:
"Very fun to do in Harderwijk. Highly recommended instead of a guide"
Geert About Harderwijk:
"A fun and educational afternoon."
Tanja About Harderwijk:
"Nice tour but some questions were missing the answers and some signs were removed"
Jan About Harderwijk:
"Fun to do. 2 hours really nódig "
Elsemarie About Harderwijk:
"Nice tour through t beautiful town of Harderwijk. You get to quiet squares, alleys where you don't normally go."
Anouk About Harderwijk:
"Very nice way to discover the city. We found all the points well. With the puzzles you have to be very careful not to forget anything."
Henrietta About Harderwijk:
"Nice tour. Really sees a lot of the city. Very difficult to get within the 2 hours though. We worked hard, but still came up almost 8 minutes short."
Lusanne About Harderwijk:
"We did an incredibly fun escape tour ! Was the first time for us, but definitely worth repeating!"
Leen About Harderwijk:
"Very nice escapetour in Harderwijk. Really applies to the location. "
Pascal About Harderwijk:
"Very fun way to discover a city"
Rose About Harderwijk:
"Fun scavenger hunt, though difficult. "
Jeroen About Harderwijk:
"A fun route through Harderwijk, which also helps you get to know the city quickly."
Petra About Harderwijk:
"Fun way to discover Harderwijk. Some places were a challenge to find."
Frieda About Harderwijk:
"Super fun way to also get to know the city better, definitely going to do this more often"