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Escape The City Stockholm

Escape The City Stockholm Discover Stockholm in a unique way with the Escape Tour citygame! Go on an adventure together with your friends, family or colleagues and get to places you wouldn't normally go. With the help With the help of our app you wander along the most beautiful sights of Stockholm to complete various assignments. Are you doing well? Then you get new cryptic clues that lead you to the secret exit of the city. A Escape Tour is a fun activity for any kind of company and is easy to organize.

Nice day out with family, colleagues or friends to Stockholm? Looking for a fun activity? The Escape Tour Stockholm is a fun citygame that is suitable for any kind of company. Find the secret exit and Escape The City within 2 hours.

Escape The City Stockholm The "escape the city game" can already be played from 2 persons and you can also compete against each other in teams of 2-4 persons! The goal is to find the exit within 2 hours. Then you didn't make it, but you still have the possibility to finish the game. All instructions will be given to you via email and the app, so you can start whenever it suits you. Perfect to combine with a nice dinner in Stockholm! And will you find the exit in time? Then maybe you will be included in the Wall of Fame.

By answering questions, solving riddles and performing fun tasks, you will get closer and closer to the secret exit of Stockholm. In this This way you discover Stockholm, together with your friends or family, in a fun and unique way! You play the game in teams of 2-5 people, are you with a larger group? Then of course you can also compete against each other in teams! You start this Escape Tour Stockholm citygame whenever you want. Take up the challenge and Escape The City!

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In short:

Start the game whenever you want
Approx. 2 hours
2-4 persons (per team)
€ 29,95 per team
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