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About Escape Tour toulouse

Patrice Alègre, son of a policeman and a hairdresser, did not have an easy childhood. Since the age of 13 he could be found in the streets of Toulouse. Being a wanderer had not done him any good. The dark circles around his eyes, rough skin and bitter look said it all. So it was not surprising that Patrice was suspected of murdering several women. However, the police had not yet succeeded in arresting him for this.

In 1997, another report about Patrice came in. The serial killer would have struck again. His criminal record had grown so long that if he were caught he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison. But of course the tramp wanted to avoid that at all costs. In the criminal circuit, Patrice had sometimes heard his colleagues whisper about a secret exit. That could be his salvation!

Escape the city

Take on the role of Patrice and try to leave Toulouse unseen. To do this, you have to search for the secret exit from the city. With your smartphone in your hand you wander along the most beautiful places in search of assignments, riddles and clues. Will you manage to escape within 2 hours? The search starts at Pierre Goudouli Garden, good luck!