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Ranking Escape Tour Münster (English)

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Record time: Dutch special invest...

Dutch special invest...

Record time: LV Canada

LV Canada

Record Time: Aries


Record time: Satan's power

4: Satan's power

Record time: Jenny's Fanclub

5: Jenny's Fan Club

Record time: axis 3mosqueteiras

6: As 3mosqueteiras

Record Time: Sonnenblumen

7: Sonnenblumen

Record time: Belgium +

8: Belgium +

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Record time: Belgium +

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Record time: Belgium +

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LV Canada

About Escape Tour munster

Münster, a city full of history that you can enjoy walking through. But with the Escape Tour of Münster is even more fun, because then you will dive into the exciting story of Anabaptist John of Leiden. In the 16th century, he turned Münster into an Anabaptist stronghold. And that didn't happen without a struggle....

All adults in the city had to be baptised again, but did you not? Then you were beheaded! Naturally, this caused much resistance, among others from the Catholic bishops. They hatched a plan and started a witch-hunt against John. Despite his power, John feared for his life and fled.

Escape The City

With the Escape Tour Münster you crawl in the skin of Jan and try to find the secret exit within 2 hours. Wander past the best places in Münster, solve all the riddles, complete all the assignments and decipher the clues. Only then can you escape from Münster within 2 hours and complete this city game. The search begins at St. Mary's Church, good luck!