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Record time: 300Monty


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Record time: climax


Record time: Lilith

4: Lilith

Record time: smarts

5: smarts

Record Time: Pateekes

6: Pateekes

Record time: Nik's Angels

7: Nik's Angels

Record time: Royle's

8: Royle's

Record time: HuizKuip

9: HuizKuip

Record Time: Helpline

10: Helpline

Record time: arbo

11: arbo

Record time: Ferman

12: Ferman

Record Time: Team Bootsie

13: Team Bootsie

Record time: Leuven Leipos

14: Leuven Leipos

Record time: Mierlo

15: Mierlo

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Record time: Mierlo

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Record time: Mierlo

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the coolio sisters

About Escape Tour leuven

Welcome to Leuven, in the 1990s one of the largest student cities in the country. Almost every student lived in a student room owned by Arthur Peeters. With the Escape Tour Leuven you will take a look into the life of this notorious landlord.

Arthur was not a sweetheart, as soon as a student could not pay his or her rent, you were thrown out on the street. The chairman, Jan van Gelder, did not agree and decided to confront a group of fellow members. This did not exactly go according to plan, before they knew it they were on the run. The only chance to escape was through the secret exit Leuven. But where is it?

Escape the city

With the Escape Tour Leuven you will help Jan van Gelder with his quest. Complete the assignments, solve all the riddles, decipher all the clues and find Leuven's secret exit. While you are busy, this city game lets you wander along the nicest spots in the student town. And do you do it well? Then you will earn a place on the Wall of Fame! The search begins on Mathieu de Layensplein, good luck!