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Record time: 300Monty


Record time: ass-kicking 69

Ass kets 69

Record time: schumacher and co

schumacher and co

Record Time: Cheese Kings

4: CheeseKings

Record time: Team 1

5: Team 1

Record time: die frau linie

6: die frau linie

Record time: Team Schnelle Schnitzel

7: Team Schnelle Schnitzel

Record Time: Wopsamvis

8: Wopsamvis

Record Time: The wappies

9: The wappies

Record time: team 1 bender

10: Team 1 bender

Record Time: Partyy

11: Partyy

Record Time: The Wimpy's

12: The Wimpy's

Record time: DeGraaf

13: DeGraaf

Record Time: La Luna

14: La Luna

Record time: fat tits

15: Fat tits

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Special Entries

Record time: fat tits

Most questions correct
The Spiders

Record time: fat tits

Fastest of the month
De wappies

About Escape Tour dusseldorf

Meet the richest beer magnate and inventor of Altbier. His name is Hoppeditz and his stature is great in Düsseldorf. With the Escape Tour Düsseldorf you will go back in time, to the year 1825. This is the year where Hoppeditz's successful life took a turn. After all, he had to flee from the mayor and his wife!

Hoppeditz liked to fool around with the wives of influential people in the city. But this time he had really gone too far. The mayor was furious and quickly summoned an army of police officers and opened the hunt for Hoppeditz. So he was forced to find the secret exit from Düsseldorf within two hours!

Escape the city

You are going to help Hoppeditz find the secret exit. By answering various questions, solving riddles and deciphering clues you will be able to find the exit of this city game. And while you are doing this you will also visit the best places in Düsseldorf! To have a chance to win a place on our Wall of Fame, you have to find the exit within two hours. The search starts at the Maritime Museum, good luck!