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Ranking Escape Tour Cardiff (English)

Our one and only Wall of Fame. Did you and your team set a fast time? Check out this ranking to see if you set the fastest time of the month or even made it into the top 10 of all time!

Record Time: Net Zero Rulez

Net Zero Rulez

Record Time: Knock Knock Ginger

Knock Knock Ginger

Record Time: Jaura


Record Time: Huskisons

4: Huskisons

Record time: Wynners

5: Wynners

Record Time: Team Maybe

6: Team Maybe

Record Time: Rebel Alliance

7: Rebel Alliance

Record Time: Quizzie McGuire Movie II

8: Quizzie McGuire Movie II

Record time: 1special3carers

9: 1special3carers

Record Time: Rhiamelily

10: Rhiamelily

Record Time: Hill

11: Hill

Record Time: The Ella

12: The Ella

Record time: Team Hens

13: Team Hens

Record Time: Sammie

14: Sammie

Record time: Seilini

15: Seilini

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Special Entries

Record time: Seilini

Most questions correct
Rebel Alliance

Record time: Seilini

Fastest of the month

About Escape Tour cardiff

Back to the 19th century. John Crichton-Stuart is a wealthy man in Cardiff. From his castle (now called Cardiff Castle) he has a beautiful view of the many estates he owns. Turning money into more money. That's what he's good at! His latest project is to turn the dilapidated jetties along Cardiff's coastline into a profitable transit port.

Construction is going well, but falls more expensive than anticipated. John sees no other solution than to cut workers' wages. If only he had not done so... The streets fill with protesting workers. One after another is arrested and sentenced to death. And then John is targeted. The workers demand that he be hanged. He has to get out of there. Will John manage to stay out of the hands of his assailants?

Escape the city

Take the role of the fallen rich man and try to leave Cardiff unseen. To do so, you must search for the secret exit of the city. With the smartphone in your hand you will wander along the most beautiful places in search of assignments, riddles and clues. Will you manage to escape within 2 hours? The search starts at Animal Wall, good luck!