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Ranking Escape Tour Bath (English)

Our one and only Wall of Fame. Did you and your team set a fast time? Check out this ranking to see if you set the fastest time of the month or even made it into the top 10 of all time!

Record Time: SunnySnooze


Record Time: Dandy Warholes

Dandy Warholes

Record Time: The fantastic four

The fantastic four

Record time: Moth's bitches

4: Moth's bitches

Record time: Nichols

5: Nichols

Record Time: The Bristol Cookies

6: The Bristol Cookies

Record Time: Bath Bitches

7: Bath Bitches

Record Time: Letter E

8: Letter E

Record Time: Jezzle

9: Jezzle

Record time: Snowwhite and the 3 ...

10: Snowwhite and the 3 ...

Record time: Jaswill

11: Jaswill

Record time: Whatever you want

12: Whatever you want

Record time: us

13: us

Record time: Team PP and co

14: Team PP and co

Record Time: XOP

15: XOP

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Special Entries

Record Time: XOP

Most questions correct
Blisters inBath

Record Time: XOP

Fastest of the month

About Escape Tour bath

It's 1745. Appearance and status, that's all that's important in life according to Richard Beau Nash. A real dandy, in other words! Richard is just not lucky. He grows up in Bath in poverty and gambles everything he has, resulting in sky-high debts. So far his charms have been able to keep him out of big trouble, but for how long....

The law on gambling has recently been tightened and the new mayor of Bath, Ralph Allen, is a big supporter of this. He sends his men out to arrest all the problem cases. Richard sees his life flash by him. If they catch him, he can forget it! During his illegal activities, Richard has heard something about a secret exit. He must look for it!

Escape the city

Follow in the footsteps of the unfortunate gambling addict and search for Bath's secret exit. With our app you will wander through the most beautiful streets to answer questions and complete fun assignments. Will you manage to find the exit within 2 hours? Then you and your team have a chance to win a spot on the Wall Fame. The search starts at Theatre Royal, good luck!