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Our one and only Wall of Fame. Did you and your team set a fast time? Check out this ranking to see if you set the fastest time of the month or even made it into the top 10 of all time!

Record time: 300Monty


Record time: oh oh Ermeloo

Oh oh Ermeloo

Record time: fall trip

Autumn trip

Record time: Dewi

4: Dewi

Record time: RLLCM


Record time: BoWi

6: BoWi

Record time: banana threads

7: Banana threads

Record Time: The Greasepot

8: The Greasepot

Record time: Henk 65 and boys

9: Henk 65 and young boys

Record time: green geckos

10: green geckos

Record time: JiosAnne

11: JiosAnne

Record time: team supergirls

12: Team supergirls

Record time: Vera and co.

13: Vera and co

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Special Entries

Record time: Vera and co.

Most questions correct
Team supergirls

Record time: Vera and co.

Fastest of the month
Oh oh Ermeloo

About Escape Tour amiens

Back to 1880. Lost in thought, Jules Verne walks to the station in Amiens. On the business front, everything is going well for him. Jules is a successful writer and is also called the father of science fiction. In his books, he takes you into the wonderful world of fantasy. This is how you escape reality for a while....

On a personal level, things are not going so well for Jules. He banned his son Michel from having a relationship with actress Clémence Taton, and that did not go down well. Michel is furious! When Jules is almost at the station, he sees Michel in the distance with some friends. His son is out for a fight! Jules has to get out of there. As a child, he read about the secret exit from Amiens in a book. But where is it again?

Escape the city

This is where the Escape Tour Amiens starts. In this unique city game you will solve various assignments, difficult questions and fun riddles. Meanwhile you will enjoy a beautiful city walk. Will you find the secret exit within 2 hours? Then you have a chance to win a spot on the Wall of Fame. The search starts at Gare Amiens, good luck!